Gossip Bomb

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Gossip Bomb

By now it's not surprising to learn I am an entertainment enthusiast. It is how I got my start in web development after all. In college I wanted to start a music/entertainment blog as a side project to channel my passion into something others could relate to as well as enhancing my portfolio. In 2007, Operation: Gossip! debuted and I've never looked back.

After multiple years online and over 1,000 unique posts, I once again decided to sell my domain name and focus on a larger, more appealing brand. Gossip Bomb is the result of that concept which has exceeded any initial idea of traffic, visitors and unique traffic. I've since placed strategic advertisements on the site to help balance associated hosting costs without losing any aesthetics or appeal from the UI. Will I be selling GossipBomb.com or TheGossipBomb.com? Absolutely not. :)

Skills Used

Below are some of the skills used in
developing my successful entertainment blog.

  • Graphic Design 90%
  • Copywriting/Blogging 100%
  • Social Media 75%
  • WordPress 100%
  • Mobile Optimization 90%
  • Digital Media 75%