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My Logo Designs

What do the golden arches, the swoosh and the once-bitten apple all have in common? They're instantly recognizable across the globe. McDonald's, Nike and Apple/Macintosh have all successfully marketed their brand through a graphic representation that sticks with consumers and transcends any other form of possible advertising. While the general population thinks creating a logo can be created via Microsoft Word + clipart, there is a factual science behind the skill. Add a catchy tag line and you're in [successful] business.

While recognition is key, there are many factors that go into logo concepts that help them "stick". The art of color schema and how they affect different parts of the brain is a major part of this as individual colors cause certain emotions to be triggered in the subconcious. Ever wondered why most fast food brands use red and yellow as their main 2 colors in their logos and advertising? Because red, yellow and orange all trigger the feeling of hunger. See some examples of multiple logo designs and concepts I've created over the years below.

Skills Used

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logo conception, execution & implementation.

  • Graphic Design 100%
  • Brand Identity 95%
  • Marketing 90%
  • Recognition 90%
  • Print-Ready Files 100%
  • Typography 95%