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A large portion of graphic design and brand identity is displaying your brand, proudly, on a large variety of products. While Photoshop still remains atop the Adobe Creative Suite heirachy, it cannot do everything - especially when it comes to correctly designing print-ready files. Whether business cards, invitations, coffee mugs, mousepads or any other promotional item possible, you are bound to need an experienced designer that is knowledgable in InDesign, Illustrator or comparable software.

I have been creatively blessed over the course of my design career with the opportunities to create designs for a plethora of products. iPhone case packaging, canvas tote bags, exterior wooden business signs and even 6-foot tall elevator advertisements just to name a few. While the list is long and continually growing, I am still eager to expand my experience and comfortability being able to create anything you can see visually. Check-out some of my designs below...

Skills Used

Check out the skills used in my
print design & mass-produced marketing materials.

  • Graphic Design 100%
  • Photoshop 90%
  • Illustrator 80%
  • InDesign 85%