Graphic/Web Design — Social Media & Email Marketing — Video Editing

Digital Summit Series

In late September 2015 I was contacted by the Co-Founder of TechMedia, a digital media event company, and asked if I was interested in joining their company as a member of their design team. Although leaving my (at the time) current position with Sandol Brands was a hard decision to make, I always want to push myself beyond traditional limits and better my knowledge while furthering my career. In October I started as a Web & Graphic Designer with the TM team. Being as this was a remote position, 90% of my job was done from home; performing most tasks via Google Hangouts, gDocs, Trello & more to properly plan/execute each event with their corresponding tasks.

I was quickly submerged into many tasks ranging from various marketing efforts, digital & print media to traditional graphic design. They operated 12 WordPress event sites that paralleled their 12 live events throughout the year in which I updated almost every aspect of each site as the updates came in, approximately 20-25+ per day. These included but weren't limited to the live agenda page, speaker roster and sponsorship pages. I also was asked to overhaul their current Facebook pages to give them a much-needed "facelift". After each event I also synced raw video footage with their raw audio files and uploaded the speaker sessions to TM's YouTube page.

Skills Used

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  • Graphic Design 95%
  • Development 75%
  • Email Marketing 85%
  • WordPress 100%
  • SMM 90%
  • Video Editing 70%