Where did it all begin?

Being a “90s kid” meant being introduced to the vastly uncharted territory of the World Wide Web as it peaked into the “internet boom”. I can vividly remember the sound of my dial-up modem and the thrill I would get when I heard that static line connect to those three magic words, “You’ve got mail!” Ever since, I have felt a magnetic draw to the computer and everything digital. During a nine-hour family road trip and incessant requests, we made a quick detour to the nearest bookstore on our route and purchased “HTML for Dummies”. Instantly I became hooked and read the book from cover-to-cover; I felt connected to this unknown but exciting realm. I started with every designer’s first memories of anything remotely social and/or customizable: AOL Newsletters. Eventually a small number of web hosting capable sites were launched and some of my first attempts at Internet design were on GeoCities, Tripod and Angelfire. By the age of 13 I began developing celebrity focused newsletters and web pages and by the time I was in 8th grade, I had sold the rights to my first-ever domain name and fan-site.

Throughout high school I continually kept up with the ongoing “boom” and became even more fascinated with anything and everything online. I continued to teach myself current HTML practices until I inevitably conquered this new language all the while doing some pretty heavy trial-and-error runs in one of the earliest versions of Adobe’s Photoshop.

Upon high school graduation in 2005, I knew I wanted to pursue and polish my passion. I was accepted into the University of North Carolina – Wilmington and ultimately received my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing. The education I gained in my business degree has assisted me in every position I’ve held or been apart of – no matter the scale. My strong creative eye in design combined with the technical and logistical skills acquired by education have paved a uniquely specific career path for myself that I love to travel every day and with every project. Whether utilizing my advertising skills via statistics or creating visually captivating campaigns, I thoroughly enjoy the all-encompassing world of digital design.

The designs displayed on this website and portfolio have been created over the course of my ten year career experience. While I have an extensive back-history of more sites and examples of my design work, I believe it is essential to show relevance in this competitive, ever-rapidly-changing industry.

Graphically passionate and developmentally determined; continually pursuing higher education and instruction remains “embedded” within me. Stay tuned to see what’s next…

MediaHaze - Digital Solutions
Mariah Online - The newest and biggest MC fansite
GossipBomb.com - Entertainment Blog


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Graphic Design — Web Design — WordPress — eCommerce — SEO/SMM — Print 

Get to Know Me

Graphically Passionate & Developmentally Determined

  • James (Jad) Darossett

    James "Jad" Darossett

    The person/brain behind the creative madness.

Work Flow

View my career experience in timeline format

  • Sandol Brands

    Sandol Brands

    Creative Director May 2014 - Present

    Redesigned and launched eSandol.com from an outdated 2008 osCommerce coding/script platform to a highly SEO-optimized online marketplace resulting in a 325% increase in online sales. Actively update over 10,000+ individual product details & inventory statistics within a 15,000 square foot warehouse and 20,000 square foot showroom. Manage a creative marketing team of 3-5 employees; delegate tasks to adhere to internal deadlines set by CEO or Marketing Manager. Design and write copy to attract customer base towards brand name through trimonthly newsletters and e-marketing marketing messages sent to over 22,000 clients. Spearhead visual merchandising in AmericasMart (Atlanta) showroom re-modeling and displaying our product lines to appeal, attract and entice new/existing customers. Recently redesigned our sister site, BethelWholesale.com in a similar fashion as eSandol.com, moving from an outdated 2008 osCommerce platform to a successfully functioning eCommerce store.

    • TechMedia

      Tech Media

      Web & Graphic Designer October 2015 - October 2016

      As an independent contractor, my duties included email marketing campaigns 7x per week with a 200,000+ inbox reach. Monitored/updated 12 event sites built on WordPress including cross-compatible browser checks/fixes across mobile & desktop platforms for UI responsiveness. Created numerous ad graphics for all Google PPI/PPC campaigns. Manually managed 10+ social media accounts: graphic posts, paid advertising & interacting between attendees & sponsors. Designed 100+ digital media (TV) signs for event venue; converting blueprints to digital maps per venue. Video/audio editing using Premiere Pro for TM's YouTube channel. Designed proofs for marketing products to be mass-produced via affilate, Swagchimp.

        The Business of Beauty

        Creative Director October 2012 - October 2013

        Hired as an independent contractor, I was initially in charge of designing their website and establishing a solid brand identity that included logos, advertisement materials, marketing publications and digital media. After 2 months with BOB, I was asked to oversee their internship program which consisted of managing a small team of 2-4 interns in which I instructed and assisted their budding design skills to coincide with our brand's design guidelines. Upon completion of the 60-day internship, 1 intern was selected to become a full-time staff member with The Business of Beauty. All interns received internship credit towards their corresponding design program within the the college they were enrolled in.

        • Freelance

          Freelance Developer

          Web & Design / Brand Identity / Marketing / Hosting & Support

          Specialized in brand identity with logo design from inception to implementation. Website (domain & hosting) with marketing publications in web & print formats. SEO optimized websites & launched successful SMM campaigns. Educated clients on basic site editing. Clients include: TanglesNC.com, WSWellonsRealty.com & HorsesHeal.com

            Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.

            Marketing Manager May 2010 - January 2012

            Hired as a Web Developer, I began working heavily in Photoshop creating eye-catching Advertisements that could easily translate to an online medium. This continued onto developing client websites as well as maintaining, monitoring & polishing off hundreds of internal pages/micro-sites within AIT's infrastructure. In April 2011, I was asked to take another position as Marketing Manager in order to use my multitude of skills to their utmost potential. While graphic & web design were still prominent in my job scope, a plethora of other tasks had also been assigned to me including: monitoring a $2,500+ day Google AdWords account, Press Release Creation, Email Marketing, Client Consultations & more. Clients include: AMPATSS.com & SundanceBoats.com & more.

            What Can I Do For You?

            #WebSites #ECommerce #GraphicDesign #BrandIdentity #EmailMarketing #LogoDesign #MobileOptimize #GoogleAds #FacebookAds #GoogleAdSence #SocialMediaMarketing #EmailMarketing #SEO #CMS ...and more!

            • Detail Oriented & Flexible

              Being a perfectionist has its perks. I won't stop until the job is done & the job done right...all while remaining flexible to change.

            • Hardworking & Eager to Please

              I strive under pressure & find that some of my best work has been completed under a given time restraint or issued deadline.

            • Driven By Deadlines

              I love a good to-do list & am obsessed with post-its. If it's on my daily list(s), it will get completed, then perfectly crossed off in Sharpie.

            • Continually Pursue Instruction

              Having received my BS in Business, I know what hard work in academia can produce. I love to consistently push myself to perform at my absolute best.

            • Energetic & Self-Motivated

              Having too much natural energy has never been a problem for me. In fact, while most people are sleeping I'm getting most of my work done!

            • Convinced Yet?

              They say you have less than 3 seconds to make a first impression. How did I do? No worries, you still have a little left to scroll through ;)

            For your viewing pleasure, click for a copy of my resume.


            Proof is in the pudding

            We have the pleasure of having James on our team at TechMedia as a graphic designer, social strategist and marketing consultant. James brings a great attitude and multi-faceted skill-sets to any project. With a strong work ethic, he is always willing to put in long hours to ensure projects meet their deadlines, while juggling multiple initiatives. `Scott Hedrick, Co-Founder & Executive Director - TechMedia'
            James is a talented designer and has been a pleasure to work with! He has assisted me on a number of projects involving internal communications and event planning for my team. He has a great eye for detail and his innovative ideas always exceed my expectations. It is evident that he takes pride in his work and takes the time to understand my business needs. I have been impressed with how quickly he understands my vision and the amount of time he puts in to his work - always providing me with multiple options and being flexible to change. I always look forward to seeing his finished work and comes highly recommended. `Natalie Williams, Regional District Manager - Target'
            I have worked with James going on 7 months now. Since taking over as his immediate supervisor James has impressed me with his drive, initiative and his attention to detail. These positive traits have been one of the key reasons that sales have increased by almost 100% since we teamed up. James shows an innate ability to take new, vague tasks, understand the overall intent and execute all implied tasks and achieve success within the set deadline. James also strives constantly to improve himself through classes and never turning down a new, challenging assignment. He understands the value of teamwork and self-improvement and would be an extremely valuable member of any team no matter where he goes in the future. `Richard Kirby, AIT.com`
            James is a vital part of our Marketing team and has played a significant role in our efforts to reshape the marketing direction of the company. James performs his task with efficiency and excellence in mind right from the start, and sets an excellent example regarding innovation and work ethic. I couldn't recommend someone more highly as a Marketing and Creative professional. `Roberto Blake, RobertoBlake.com`
            Our dedicated developer turned my salon's outdated web page into a self-operating, content-managing website platform that even I can operate. Clients love it; we receive 40% of all new client bookings from our website! `Colleen Wellons, Owner - TanglesNC.com`
            Re-designing & developing our existing real estate website was a daunting task but James' succeeded with a 175% increase in results! We have since continued our professional relationship by utilizing his services in accepting online rental payments from our tenants. `Billy Wellons, CEO - WSWellonsRealty.com`
            Jad's customer service & support is unparalled! He has readily assisted myself & even my staff with website editing efforts & maintenance training. Numerous times we have reached out during after-business hours (including holidays) and were pleasantly surprised by the immediate response time! `Paula Mackzak, PCP Hospitality Group`

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            Where am I?

            North Carolina: The Greatest State in the Nation.
            Beaches & Mountains at every corner.